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Nanjing Bioagriland Crop Care Co., Ltd
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About Bioagriland

Bioagriland is a R&D based, high-quality and high-standard-service oriented, export-focused agrochemical supplier providing high-efficient crop care solutions, including 3 series of A.I. manufacturing, mixture formulations and Nano-technology pesticide, drone application etc. 
Covering 61 countries and regions, Bioagriland has established an international sales network covering 150+ global clients including several multinationals and most leading local importers, formulators, and distributors. Our sales revenue in 2018 reached USD 73.2 million, and is expected to exceed USD 100 million in 2019. 
A.I. manufacturing: Chizhou Bioagriland Multichem Co., Ltd, with 6 TC ICAMA registrations approved already and 10 more under application, has established unique competitiveness on the synthesis technology of three series of A.I. including Fluorinated-Pyridine based Haloxyfop-p-methyl, Fluazifop-p-butyl, and 2,6-Difluorobenzamide (DFBA) based Lufenuron, Diflubezuron, Etoxazole, as well as Triazole fungicides represented by Tebuconazole, Flutriafol, Epoxiconazole, Cyproconazole. Meanwhile, by continuous R&D investment, Bioagriland is also developing biological products, among which, Spinosad is the first one commercialized. 
New formulations: Anhui Bioagriland Faithchem Co., Ltd, with 41 formulation ICAMA registrations approved and 16 more under application, is one of the first comprehensive formulators in China, and can produce most of those popular formulations in the market including SC, FS, EC, SL, AS, WDG, but more specialized in those new ones including DF, SE, EW, ME, OL, OD, CS, as well as various mixture formulations. Also Bioagriland has been investing big in Nano-pesticide formulations, together with drone application, which will be commercialized soon. 
We have strict Quality Control procedure with our 23-year experienced QC manager in charge, which ensures every kg/L product from Bioagriland is tested at least twice or even three times, before package, after storage, pre-shipment, to confirm with our clients’ requirement. 
We invest GLP data for our key products, from world well-known laboratories, together with our registration experts, Bioagriland provides professional and quick support to global clients in obtaining their product registration in local markets. 
We provide R&D laboratory service including to-be-off patent A.I. manufacturing process technology, formulation formula verification and optimization (esp. mixtures), and analytical standard purification.
Our principle is “Focus leads to professionalism & Brand brings win -win cooperation”, and we will be creative, professional and cooperative, to provide better-cost and more-efficient agrochemical solutions worldwide, to grow the field more and grow together with our true partners!
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