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Nanjing Bioagriland Crop Care Co., Ltd
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Bioagriland Services

  • A.I. Manufacturing Process Development

  • Formulation Formula Verification

  • Analytical Standard Purification

  • Third Party Analysis                                                                                                               Bioagriland's new R&D and lab center provides not only strong support for product Quality Control, but also services like A.I. Manufacturing Process Development, Formulation Formula Verification, and Analytical Standard Purification, Third Party Analysis, Efficacy Trial.

  • Tolling Formulation                                                                                                                Bioagriland provides tolling business for clients with nominated technical material source and confidential recipe.

  • Customizing Production                                                                                                              Bioagriland provides single-step and multi-step reaction for specialties for certain materials including intermediates and technical grades, also test production of new formula and new mixtures.


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