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Imidacloprid + Thiodicarb Model : FS

  • Description
Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb Formulation: 10.5%+30% FS
Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb Brand: Amparo® (Bayer)
Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb Introduction: Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb is exclusively applied within a professional seed treatment plant before the cotton seed is sold to growers. Seed treated with Amparo will be protected against aphids, thrips and brown flea beetle.
The insect protection provided by Amparo promotes improved establishment and early vigour, and may provide the added benefit of Stress Shield™, which makes the crop more tolerant to abiotic stress factors such as drought and waterlogging.
Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb Application: Calibrate commercial seed treatment equipment to ensure the seed throughput is mixed with the correct dose of Amparo or seed treatment mixture containing Amparo. Ensure the treatment is applied to the maximum number of seeds to achieve the optimal primary distribution of the treatment. Retain seed in mixing chamber until even coverage (secondary distribution) is achieved.
Imidacloprid+Thiodicarb Tagets: Aphids,brown flea beetle, thrips on cotton
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