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Herbicide;Technical: 98%;White to light yellow crystal




Mixture availability:Thiencarbazone-methyl; Atrazine; Aclonifen;Acetochlor; Flufenacet


World Sales:World sales USD 0.24 billion in Year 2014; The compound growth rate reaches 18% from Year 2009 to 2014.


Application:Applied for Corn, Sugarcane, Cotton,Potato fields to control Annual broad leaf weeds and grassy weeds


Substitute product:Alachlor;Acetochlor; Metolachlor


Competing product: Sethoxydim, Bentazone


After application, could be re-activated by rain to reach the double weed control effect; Soil sealing effect for both Grassy weeds and Broad leaf weeds, better thanAcetochlor; Medium lasting effect with around 45 days; Safe for after reap crop
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