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Spinosad Model : 90% TC; SC, WG

  • Description
Spinosad CAS: 131929-60-7;168316-95-8

Spinosad Technical: 90%, composed of 50-95% spinosyn A and 50-5% spinosyn D

Spinosad TC Appearance: white to off white powder
Spinosad Formulations: SC; WG.

Spinosad Introduction: Activation of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Active by contact and ingestion

Spinosad Application: rice, cotton, vegetable, fruit trees, gardening, turf, 

Spinosad Targets: pest Lepidoptera (e.g. Ostrinianubilalis, Helicoverpazea, Trichoplusiani, Plutellaxylostella, Spodoptera spp., Heliothis spp., Pierisrapae, Keiferialycopersicella, Lobesiabotrana), thrips (e.g. Frankliniellaoccidentalis, Thripspalmi), flies (e.g. Liriomyza spp., Ceratitiscapitata), beetles (e.g. Leptinotarsadecemlineata) and grasshoppers in cotton, row crops, vegetables, and fruits, at 4.8-36 g/hl. Also used for urban pest control (e.g. Agrotisipsilon, Spodoptera spp., Parapediasiateterella) in turf and ornamentals

SpinosadBrands:'Conserve' (Dow AgroSciences); 'SpinTor' (Dow AgroSciences); 'Success' (Dow AgroSciences); 'Tracer' (Dow AgroSciences)
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